Mold Design

Our experienced mold designers and engineers smoothen the process of developing a new product. We make sure YOUR design is in good hands.

3D printing

3D printing technology allows us to develop parts without spending too much time. It also reduces the cost of developing a new product.

Plastic Inject Mold/
Injection unit

Our plastic inject mold and injection unit are handled by some of the most experienced engineers in Taiwan. Guarantees smooth development and persistent quality.


Computerized production (G-Code) provides precise measurements for production. Using feed rate, speed, location, and coordination to help make better products for all of our clients.

Powder Coating

All of our powder coating facilities are strictly managed to make sure all of our products comes with a smooth and sleek finish. We make sure our metal are cleaned before we apply powder coats. Moreover, our powder residue are processed in the manner of avoiding pollutions.


With over 30+ years of experience, we can work with a range of materials. Whether it is metal, aluminum, wood, glass, or even plastic. We got it all!